Alternate Universes [38] Stories featuring the show's characters in a non-canon setting.
Art [4] Photo manipulations, wallpapers and cartoons.
Crossovers [9] Stories featuring characters from other shows, movies or books.
Drama [80] Intense, and possibly dark, emotional stories.
Epics [6] Very long stories - approximately 50,000 words or more.
Episode Related [36] Stories based on one or more epsiodes from the show.
Established Relationship [58] Romantic stories where the characters are in an established relationship.
Ficlets [4] Very short fiction - approximately 500 words or less.
First Time [82] Romantic stories, where the characters get together for the first time.
Humour [51] You need to have this explained?
PWP [46] Stories of an erotic nature.
Slice of Life [1] Stories about the characters' everyday life